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Basic philosophy and our history​

Basic philosophy 

  First, Human Relationships!!!

I believe that the most important thing is to build relationships between people and work together with mutual understanding! ! !

​      The Connecting Heart Tree:  Created by users, staff and directors







Our History


1997    The Workshop Establishment Preparatory Committee was started by a family              association composed with families that have people with disabilities named              Ume No Kai  


1999   The facility (workshop) Odawara Nagisa-Sagyousho was established at                      2 Minami-Kamonomiya, Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan

2006   NPO Odawara Nagisa-Kai was established 

2011     The facility (workshop) Odawara Nagisa-Sagyousho was transferred to                       the NPO Odawara Nagisa-Kai


2012     The base of activity relocated to 3 Minami-Kamonomiya, Odawara,                            Kanagawa, Japan with the facility (workshop) Odawara Nagisa-Sagyousho                  Japan with the facility (workshop) Odawara Nagisa-Sagyousho


2014   Acquired as an NPO designated by Kanagawa Prefecture and Odawara City 

2016     Acquired as an NPO certified by the Japanese government

2019     Renewed as an NPO designated by Kanagawa Prefecture and Odawara City  




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