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Information of our Facility (workshop)

At our workshop "Odawara Nagisa-sagyousho", we are supporting uesers to be independence through the following activities and such as "Review of group life" and "Improvement of social skills" with respecting the individuality of each user.


・Daily activities (Assembling electronic components, Making the set of towel and       toothbrush, Folding Flyer, etc.)

・Weekly activities (Calligraphy classroom, Computer classroom, etc.)

・Monthly activities (Birthday party, Lunch party, Mini tour to visit various places

   in society, etc.)

・Yearly activities (One-day bus trips, Music festival, "Nagisa" Festival, etc.)


Main daily activities-What doing every day at our workshop-

★ Sorry, Only in Japanese

1. Contents of works

  Assembling electronic components, Making the set of towel and toothbrush, Folding Flyer, etc.

2. Cleaning the rooms of workshop

      In the morning and at the going home

3. Refresh activities

  Radio calisthenics etc.

4. Morning and evening meetings


Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

      Summer holiday / Winter holiday

    <Workshop routine>

  9:25~  9:50  Meeting, Morning cleaning 

  9:50~11:50  Morning work

                                (break 20 minutes)

11:50~12:50   Lunch break

12:50~13:00   Radio calisthenics

13:00~15:00   Afternoon work

                                (break 20 minutes)

15:00~15:10 Cleaning at the going home

15:10~15:25 Closing meeting

​* The number of days to go to the workshop depends on        the wishes of the user and we will respond individually.

Goal points at the workshop

1. Establish a basic lifestyle

 ★ Let's do "Greeting” properly

   ・ Yes  ・Good morning

   ・Hello ・Good bye 

   ・Thank you very much

   ・I'm sorry

 ★ Get the "Regular Rhythm of Life" by coming to workshop every day

2. Develop friendship and cooperative relationships through coming to the workshop

3. Uplift  motivation to work actively

4. Interact with local communities and facilities, and participate in various events

Other activities

-Not only work but also self-development, social contribution activities

 and fun events-​

〇Weekly activities: Calligraphy class, Computer class, Eco-cap activity, etc.

​〇Monthly activities: Birthday party, Mini tour, Sidewalk cleaning, etc.

〇Others: Farming experience (several times a year), One-day bus trip (once or twice a year),                                                                                                                                    etc.

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