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What you can do
       to support people with disabilities ...

Recruiting of members and associate members​

Join us by becoming a member and support

"People with various disabilities" together!


Anyone can become a member at any time.

Even if you live in far away or have difficulty securing time for our activities, simply becoming a member can support people with disabilities with us.

(Even if you become a member, we don't ask you to secure time for direct activities)

Regular member: Enrollment fee 9USD, Annual membership fee 27USD

Group member  : Enrollment fee 45USD, Annual membership fee 90USD

Supporting member: Enrollment fee 9USD, Annual membership fee 9USD 

for 1 unit  (1 unit or more)           *Calculated exchange   1USD≒=110円

Request for donations​

In the style of donation,
Please participate in support together!

Those who live far away and think it difficult to provide direct support, also it is difficult to secure time for the activity, but would like to support them.
Please join our project and activities by donations!
The donations, same the membership fees, are used to support people with disabilities as facility maintenance and various activities.

Our organization is the "NPO certified by the Japanese gavament" and the "NPO designated by Kanagawa Prefecture and Odawara City". If you donate, up to 50% of the donated amount will be deducted from the tax amount that you will pay, including national and local taxes by declaring. (Sorry, this tax reduction only applies to donations from people living in Japan.)


Even if you donate from a corporation company, a separate deduction limit is set apart from the deduction limit for general donations, so the total deduction limit is expanded.

(Sorry, This tax reduction applies only to donations from Japanese corporations such as Japanese companies.)

If you have any questions,

       Please fill in the form below and send to us. 

Click here to send⇨


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