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Main events in this year​

  Main events (activities) in this year

Main activities in the future (After January)

2/19     The 2nd Regional Network Conference B  

3/11     The 3rd board meeting of directors

3/Mid    Participation in regular general meeting of Minami-Kamonomiya 3rd area

3/Mid    Farming experience (Planting)

Main activities so far (Up to Decmber)

  4/1       Published “Odawara Nagisa-kai Newsletter No.26”

  4/18     The 1st board meeting of directors

  4/22     Farming experience (Maintenance: Taking care of the field)

  5/25     2019 Regular general meeting of NPO

  6/12     The 1st Regional Network Conference A 

  6/28     Farming experience (Harvesting)

  6/29     Participate in the Practice of Disaster Prevention at near area 

  7/5     The 1st bus tour (Visiting "Tomioka Silk thread Factory" )

  7/16     The 1st Regional Network Conference B 

  7/19   Farming experience

                     (Harvest festival: Cooking and eating with harvested vegetables)

  8/10   Participated in "Nitta Park Summer Festival"

  9/2     Practice of Workshop-specific Disaster Prevention

  9/13   Participation in national calligraphy contest for persons with disabilities

  9/19     The 2nd board meeting of directors

  9/21     "Nagisa Festival"

  10/1     Published “Odawara Nagisa-kai Newsletter No.27” 

  10/4     Participation in "Red feather Donation Activity" (at Odawara Ark Road) 

  10/5     Participation in "Odawara Heart Festa in Harune"

                                             (One of Dissemination and Enlightenment activities)

  10/27   Participation in "Odawara city recreation for people with disabilities"  

  11/10   Participation in "Shinden Park Cultural Festival" 

  11/15 The 2nd Regional Network Conference A 

  11/24   Participate in "UMECO Festival" (Odawara Citizenship activity)

  11/29 Participate in "Fun Music Concert" (Singing party by people with disabilities)

  12/14   Participation in "Heart Full Campaign"

                                              (One of Dissemination and Enlightenment activities)

  12/20   Christmas party with local residents

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