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  • What are you doing at the workshop?
    At the workshop, we carry out daily activities (electronic parts processing, towel and toothbrush set making, etc.) while respecting the individuality of each member. Weekly activities include penmanship classes and computer classes, monthly birthday parties, lunch parties, social tours, annual activities such as bus trips and music festivals. Please also see this page .
  • I'd like to go on a tour ...
    Visits are accepted at any time. Once phone or email > Please contact us. Please see how you are working and answer any questions. Please feel free to come.
  • I would like to go to the work place ...
    Please contact us by phone or email once. After that, please consider by visiting the workshop and listening to the explanation. For inquiries by e-mail, Click here>.
  • Do I have to go to the work place every day?
    No, you don't have to go to the office every day. The day of the week for commuting is decided in advance, but it is okay to take a rest if you are in poor physical condition or inconvenient. In addition, you can go to the office from the afternoon only in the morning according to your physical condition and convenience. It's okay if you come on a day other than the day of the week.
  • Do you pay for transportation?
    If you live in Odawara City, Manazuru Town, Yugawara Town, or Hakone Town, you can get a subsidy from the local government if you go to the office by public transportation or if you go to the office by transportation by your family. You need to apply to the government office in advance, and the transportation subsidy will be paid by account transfer every three months.
  • Is there a shuttle bus
    We do not offer transportation. Please use walking, bicycle, or public transportation to get to the office.

Sorry, Only in Japanese right now.

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